Tick Tock

This is something I wrote in response to this prompt. Hope you enjoy it.

tick tock

When I’m out with my closest friends, just a few of us, when I’m with the people who I can be myself, I don’t want that moment to end. That moment. The picture perfect moment when we’re all smiling and laughing at a subtle joke one of us has made, and our genuine grins stretch wide across our faces and the sound of laughter tinkles in the air like Christmas bells; I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to stop smiling, I don’t want to stop laughing, I don’t want to go home and reminiscence in the memory that will one day fade and nothing but a vague blur of colours and the impression of smiles will remain. I don’t want to move on to the next day and relinquish my happiness to the cold frontiers of mere aquaintences at school, where I can’t smile forar of showing ugly teeth, or laugh for fear of sounding disgusting, or voice out a sarcastic joke that every so often passes through my mind for fear of not being heard and feeling like the idiot that I fear I am.

tick tock

So I can only watch helplessly as the seconds tick into minutes, and minutes tock into hours, and hours merge to form the completion of the day that I never wanted to end.