This is my post for this prompt


Now, I’m typing as fast as I can, fingers tapping away, trying to come up with something to write about as I begin this post. I poke around my head, jumping from one thought to the next, wondering vaguely in the background if my cookies are ready yet. I sigh and finish off the remnants of a chocolate chip cookie from the last batch. I get up from my seat in front of my computer monitor, dust cookies crumbs off my shirt and pants, and make my way to my mini toaster oven, peering through the clear glass at the gently browning cookies sitting on the aluminum tray. They look ready so I take them out and turn off the oven. I set the tray on the table, waiting for them to cool a bit before I scoop them off and onto a plate. I take a picture with my smartphone for memories and then set the plate aside to cool some more. Out of pure greed and hunger for chocolate, I snatch up a cookie and make my way back to my computer monitor, and finish this post. 


6 thoughts on “Now

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    • I’m sorry >.<

      I gave most of them away and ate the rest already since I'm scared they'll go bad if I don't eat them within a day or two.

      I like eating too XD That and listening to music 🙂

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